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Modern Heat Trading and Solutions W.L.L is consciously taking the lead in the development of energy-efficient and silent ventilation solutions. That way our customers are sure of an optimal indoor climate. And you only have one point of contact, for radiators, ventilation, heating elements and all kind of heating solutions.  And we provide services such as;

  • Custom-made heating elements.
  • Machinery for factories 
  • Hotel & Kitchen Equipment. 
  • etc,

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We put the extra in your ordinary, restoring balance to your life.

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We has met the demands of a growing world.

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Furthering detailed studies, research and exploration of our specialized service, MODERN HEAT has earned its much-deserved reputation as the most sought-after heating engineering designer, customizing solutions in specified detail to all kinds of industry requirements and client needs and preferences.

Heating Solutions

The broadest product line manufacture in the heating industry, providing correct solution to any mass level customer product desire.

Largest Inventory

The largest stock inventory in the heating industry thus providing immediate customer delivery of wide range of regular heating requirements and their control systems.

Qualified Staff

Highly qualified factory trained engineers and technicians providing local customer assistance along with experienced technical advice to solve any heating queries.


Continued Investment Commitment to provide the latest manufacturing technology machinery which assures consistent and reliable quality end result.

Safety, Quality, Distinction

Our Services

We do provide services to varios sectors.

Heating Equipment Manufacturing

Modern Heat Trading and Solutions is a leading manufacturer of heating equipment. We have been in the business for over 45 years and have established ourselves as a reliable supplier.

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Hotel Equipment Manufacturing

Modern Heat Trading and Solutions manufactures and distributes a wide range of hotel equipment, including room heaters, water heaters, air conditioners, air handlers, and more.

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Modern Heat Trading and Solutions Consultation provides consulting services in the heating equipment manufacturing industry. We offer a variety of services.

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Feasibility Study

The purpose of this feasibility study is to determine the viability of a new product line, Mega Heaters, for heating equipment manufacturing.

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Operational Support Services

Modern Heat Trading and Solutions study is a study conducted by the Operational Support Services for heating equipment manufacturing.

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Technical Support Service

Modern Heat Trading and Solutions is an Heating Equipment company that offers Island Wide Technical Support Services for our customers.

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Building Your Heating Solutions

If you’re looking for equipment for a new construction project or trying to determine whether you should replace existing equipment, we Modern Heat of Doha - Qatar can help you.

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